Think you can help?

Our mission is tough, so we are always looking for the right people to work with. Ideally, you have ties to your community - and a passion for your neighborhood. We refuse to treat clients like revenue streams, and we respect and value our team equally. Along those lines, we expect honesty and ability first and foremost. Interested? We look forward to hearing from you!

Sales & Marketing

Account Relationship Manager.

We would like to find someone that will find and contact new prospects. The right candidate should have decent technical awareness. No programming or design will be necessary, but you should have some understanding of basic websites, perhaps even be able to sketch an idea or basic layout.

Sales, etc.

Social Changist.

Are you a social activator? Maybe you're always helping promote your friend's band, or you donate time to good causes? We're looking for someone that knows (or can find) social organizations and other non-profits that need our help. We offer them a discount, but you still get a full cut!


Content Generator.

Do you like to write?


Are you a student at a local college or university? We might be able to bring you on!

Be Local

Although you may not come in daily, our mission involves community prosperity and local growth.


Most of our work is on a LAMP or WIMP stack using our own hand-crafted code library.


We take privacy and confidentiality seriously. No information will be shared with any external entities.